SBI China Capital Asset Management Limited

SBI China Capital Asset Management Limited (the “Company”), a licensed corporation to carry out business in type 9 (asset management) regulated activity under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

The Company provides investment advisory and portfolio management services of both listed and private securities to professional investors. Services of the Company include:

  • sourcing and identifying investment opportunities that fit the investment objective, strategies and policies of fund(s)
  • research analysis with respect thereto
  • selecting of appropriate investment instruments or trading activities and strategies to gain exposure to a particular company, industry segment, country or geographic region
  • deploying capital and allocating assets between portfolios
  • day-to-day management with execution of investment and divestment activities
  • monitoring the performance of fund(s).

Fund Introduction

SBI China Capital Asset Management Limited has launched the first Private-Equity fund with the theme of M&A in Greater China. Currently, China economy is facing structural changes, a rising demand comes from the hot M&A activities, and local enterprises desire the equity financing as the high lending interest rate. Raising the PE fund and leveraging on the SBI China Capital Group capability, the investment professionals can help investors to create an attractive return by funding the quality local enterprises, improving their performance and financing efficiency.

About Climate-Related Risk

Investment Strategy

The investment professionals at SBI China Capital group follow a clear and effective investment philosophy:

  • Guiding by the exit strategy, “Not thinking forward, thinking exit first”. A bright characteristic is that the investment professionals can leverage on the rich IPO experience and resources of the SBI China Capital group.
  • Focusing on the industries widely recognized by the capital markets, and investing on the enterprises with the reliable earning basis and high growth rate. Also looking for the management teams respecting the investment capital and having excellent execution power.
  • Optimizing investment management, counseling, integrating resources, and enhancing corporate value
  • Investment exit is not only by listing or IPO, but also by acquisition.
  • Approaching any securities investment with attractive return in the secondary market

Investment process

  • 1
    • Exploring high growth enterprises by the broad business network
    • Frequently update the data of the observation list and track the target firms movement
  • 2
    Due diligence and further analysis
    • Perform due diligence with the selected enterprises
    • Further analysis with the investment managers, consider the possibility of investing
  • 3
    Asset allocation and strategy
    • Discussing in the investment committee based on the analysis reports
    • Formulating the asset allocation and trading strategy
  • 4
    Execution and management
    • Execution complied with investment committee decisions
    • Investment professionals cautiously manage the portfolio and promptly report to the investment committee.

Edge of SBI China Capital Group

  • Integrated value chain of the M&A fund including the upstream project resources, the midstream investment management and the downstream investment exit by listing or IPO;
  • Holds a lot of quality projects for investing;
  • Sophisticated in investment researches, IPO / securities underwriting, etc. Networking with tens listed companies in different industries, the group can also provide diversified financial services;
  • Proactively constructing the HKD-RMB investment channel, the Group is approved to set up an RMB PE fund management firm at Shenzhen Qianhai in China. She is endeavoring to smoothen the investment channel for investors.